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Monthly Archives: August 2017

To Fix or Not To Fix? How We’re Different

We think we offer the highest quality auto service possible, but is that our greatest value to you? In our opinion, our most valuable feature is the way we inspect, and then prioritize our recommendations, making sure your vehicle gets the services it needs most, on a schedule that makes sense, and with the least impact on your budget. When a vehicle comes into Auto Plus behind a tow truck, the priority is pretty obvious… fix it and get it back on the road safely, quickly, and confidently. But even in this straightforward situation, there’s a decision to be made. Our Service Advisors can help with the most basic of prioritization decisions. They can’t ALL be the most important, right? Aside from the basic fix-or-don’t-fix question, there may be a question of competing priorities. At any given time, vehicles may have ongoing issues of varying severity, importance, and expense. When we do our Inspection (designed to get a detailed picture of the overall c ... read more