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How Well Do You Know Your Car Facts?

Automotive topics pop up from time to time on TV quiz shows. Now Auto Plus helps prepare you for the “hot seat” in case one of the following comes your way.

    True or False:

  1. Using a heavier grade of oil in cold weather affords greater engine protection.

  2. Because of fuel additives and removal of lead from gas, spark plugs no longer need to be replaced.

  3. When you turn the key and you just hear a click, you know the battery needs recharging or replacing.

  4. During 50,000 miles of driving at 55 mph, over a million gallons of antifreeze-coolant circulates through your car’s engine.

  5. Tire pressure decreases one pound for every 10 degree drop in temperature.


  1. False. You should always use the manufacturers recommended grade of oil.

  2. False. Spark plugs do last longer but they require periodic replacement for quick starts and maximum fuel economy.

  3. False. The problem may be corrosion on the battery terminals.

  4. True. For maximum protection the cooling system should be flushed at least every other year and the antifreeze replaced.

  5. True. Check tire pressure monthly. Underinflation, by as little as 6 p.s.i., can cut gas mileage by 3%. Among other factors affecting fuel economy are dirty air filter, cold engine due to inoperative thermostat and misfiring spark plugs.

Auto Plus can help you get all true answers on your car.